We hope you’re enjoying the summer, whether you’re here in Needham or elsewhere!  Our only new debut this week is on our Education Channel, as we’ll be running all the student documentaries from this past school year from Education Producer Natalie Guthrie’s classes at NHS.  They are presented in two parts by semester, with the following debut schedule:

Thu, 7/13 8:30pm (Education Channel) – NHS Student Documentaries: 1st Semester
Fri, 7/14 9pm (Education Channel) – NHS Student Documentaries: 2nd Semester

For our full listings of the upcoming week, check out all three of our channels below:
Community Channel (Jul 5-Jul 12): http://www.needhamchannel.org/community-channel-schedule/
Education Channel (Jul 5-Jul 12): http://www.needhamchannel.org/education-channel-schedule-2/
Municipal Channel (Jul 5-Jul 12): http://www.needhamchannel.org/municipal-channel-schedule/

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