May 25, 2022

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Needham Heights Neighborhood Association: Re-Zoning Meeting, 1/27/20

The Needham Heights Neighborhood Association meeting held on January 27, 2020 is available for viewing online:

Community Meeting on a Proposed Highway 1 Zoning District

At the fall 2019 Special Town Meeting, a Re-Zoning initiative for the area at the corner of Rte 95, Highland Avenue and Gould Street was voted down. However, debate still continues on what may be the future of that land. While three businesses currently occupy the land (Muzi Ford, WCVB and WashWorld Car Care), there is an initiative in the Planning Board to look closer at what might come down the road. How would we best position the land to attract the kind of growth the town wants? This was the subject at the heart of the latest Needham Heights Neighborhood Association meeting. What is being considered, and what needs to be done if a new proposal for Town Meeting is desired? Tune in for a lively discussion!