Needham Channel News

Join us on our Community Channel each Thursday, LIVE at 7:30 for the latest in Needham news, sports and events. It has been a tradition since 1987!

Needham Rocket Football Action

Each week the latest game played by the Rockets debuts on Monday night. Currently playing is their Weymouth game from 10/7 to be followed by their upcoming match-up against the Framingham Flyers.

Tuesday is Municipal Meeting Night

Join us for either the Needham School Committee or Needham Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday, October 18th. Both are going to be carried LIVE, the Selectmen on our Municipal Channel, and the School Committee on our Education Channel.

This week, the guys from What's My House Worth review the sales from September. Check out the two-minute review in advance of their full program being posted!
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