June 7, 2023

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Municipal Channel Schedule

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Wed, June 78amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, June 710amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 711amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 711:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Wed, June 712pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Wed, June 71:30pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, June 73:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 74:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 75pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Wed, June 75:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Wed, June 77pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Wed, June 710pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Thu, June 88amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Thu, June 88:30amNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Thu, June 811amPlanning Board6/6/23
Thu, June 812:30pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Thu, June 82:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Thu, June 83:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Thu, June 84pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Thu, June 86:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Thu, June 88pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Thu, June 810pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Thu, June 811pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Thu, June 811:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Fri, June 98:30amPlanning Board6/6/23
Fri, June 910amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Fri, June 912pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Fri, June 91pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Fri, June 91:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Fri, June 92pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Fri, June 94:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Fri, June 96pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Fri, June 98pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Fri, June 99pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Fri, June 99:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Fri, June 910pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Sat, June 108amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sat, June 1010amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sat, June 1011amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sat, June 1011:30amNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Sat, June 1012pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Sat, June 102:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Sat, June 104pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sat, June 106pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sat, June 107pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sat, June 107:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Sat, June 108pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Sat, June 1010:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Sun, June 118amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sun, June 119amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sun, June 119:30amNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Sun, June 1110amNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Sun, June 1112:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Sun, June 112pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sun, June 114pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sun, June 115pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sun, June 115:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Sun, June 116pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Sun, June 118:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Sun, June 1110pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 128amNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Mon, June 1210:30amPlanning Board6/6/23
Mon, June 1212pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 122pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Mon, June 123pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Mon, June 123:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Mon, June 124pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Mon, June 126:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Mon, June 128pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 1210pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Mon, June 1211pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Mon, June 1211:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Tue, June 136amPlanning Board6/6/23
Tue, June 137:30amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Tue, June 138:30amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Tue, June 139amNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Tue, June 139:30amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Tue, June 1311:30amNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Tue, June 132pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Tue, June 133:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Tue, June 134:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Tue, June 135pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Tue, June 136pmNeedham Select BoardLIVE
Tue, June 1310pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Wed, June 1410amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 1411amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 1411:30amNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Wed, June 1412pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Wed, June 142:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Wed, June 144pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 145pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 145:30pmNeedham Channel News6/8/23
Wed, June 146pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Wed, June 148:30pmPlanning Board6/6/23
Wed, June 1410pmNeedham Select Board6/13/23