January 26, 2021

The Needham Channel

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Municipal Channel Schedule

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Comcast Channel 99 RCN Channel 13 Verizon Channel 30
Wed, January 203pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Wed, January 205pmNeedham Channel News1/14/21
Wed, January 205:30pmZoning Board of Appeals12/17/20
Wed, January 206:30pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Wed, January 208:30pmNeedham Channel News1/14/21
Wed, January 209pmZoning Board of Appeals12/17/20
Wed, January 2010pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Thu, January 2111:30amNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Thu, January 211pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Thu, January 213pmZoning Board of Appeals12/17/20
Thu, January 214pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Thu, January 215:30pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Thu, January 217:30pmZoning Board of AppealsLIVE
Thu, January 2111:30pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Fri, January 222pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Fri, January 222:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Fri, January 224pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Fri, January 226pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Fri, January 226:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Fri, January 228pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Fri, January 2210pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Sat, January 2310amNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Sat, January 2312pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Sat, January 233pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Sat, January 233:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Sat, January 235pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Sat, January 237pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Sat, January 2310pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Sat, January 2310:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Sun, January 2410amZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Sun, January 241pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Sun, January 241:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Sun, January 243pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Sun, January 245pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Sun, January 248pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Sun, January 248:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Sun, January 2410pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Mon, January 2510amNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Mon, January 2511:30amNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Mon, January 251:30pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Mon, January 254:30pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Mon, January 255pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Mon, January 256:30pmNeedham Select Board1/12/21
Mon, January 258:30pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Mon, January 2511:30pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Tue, January 2610amZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Tue, January 261pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Tue, January 262:30pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Tue, January 263pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Tue, January 266pmNeedham Select BoardLIVE
Tue, January 2610pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Tue, January 2611:30pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Wed, January 279amNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Wed, January 279:30amZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Wed, January 2712:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Wed, January 272pmNeedham Channel News1/21/21
Wed, January 272:30pmZoning Board of Appeals1/21/21
Wed, January 275:30pmNeedham School Committee1/19/21
Wed, January 277pmNeedham School Committee1/26/21
Wed, January 2710pmNeedham Select Board1/26/21