June 3, 2023

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Municipal Channel Schedule

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Wed, May 3112amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, May 311amNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Wed, May 313amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, May 315amPlanning Board5/16/23
Wed, May 318amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, May 318:30amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, May 319:30amAnnual Town Meeting #15/1/23
Wed, May 311pmAnnual Town Meeting #25/3/23
Wed, May 314:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Wed, May 316pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Wed, May 318pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, May 3110pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Thu, June 12amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Thu, June 13:30amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Thu, June 15:30amPlanning Board5/16/23
Thu, June 18:30amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Thu, June 19:30amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Thu, June 110amAnnual Town Meeting #25/3/23
Thu, June 11:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Thu, June 13pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Thu, June 15pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Thu, June 17pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Thu, June 110pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Thu, June 111pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Thu, June 111:30pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Fri, June 21amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Fri, June 23amPlanning Board5/16/23
Fri, June 26amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Fri, June 27amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Fri, June 27:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Fri, June 28amAnnual Town Meeting #25/3/23
Fri, June 211:30amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Fri, June 21pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Fri, June 23pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Fri, June 25pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Fri, June 28pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Fri, June 29pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Fri, June 29:30pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Fri, June 210pmAnnual Town Meeting #25/3/23
Sat, June 33amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sat, June 35amPlanning Board5/16/23
Sat, June 38amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sat, June 39amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sat, June 39:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Sat, June 310amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Sat, June 311:30amNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Sat, June 31:30pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sat, June 33:30pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Sat, June 36:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sat, June 37:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sat, June 38pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Sat, June 38:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Sat, June 310pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Sun, June 43amPlanning Board5/16/23
Sun, June 46amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sun, June 47amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sun, June 47:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Sun, June 48amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Sun, June 49:30amNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Sun, June 411:30amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Sun, June 41:30pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Sun, June 44:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Sun, June 45:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Sun, June 46pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Sun, June 46:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Sun, June 48pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Sun, June 410pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 54amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Mon, June 55amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Mon, June 55:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Mon, June 56amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Mon, June 57:30amNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Mon, June 59:30amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 511:30amPlanning Board5/16/23
Mon, June 52:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Mon, June 53:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Mon, June 54pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Mon, June 54:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Mon, June 56pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Mon, June 58pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Mon, June 510pmPlanning Board5/16/23
Tue, June 62amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Tue, June 62:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Tue, June 63amSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Tue, June 64:30amNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Tue, June 66:30amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Tue, June 68:30amPlanning Board5/16/23
Tue, June 611:30amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Tue, June 612:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Tue, June 61pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Tue, June 61:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Tue, June 63pmNeedham School Committee5/16/23
Tue, June 65pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Tue, June 67pmPlanning BoardLIVE
Tue, June 611pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 78amNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, June 710amMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 711amZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 711:30amNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Wed, June 712pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Wed, June 71:30pmNeedham Select Board5/23/23
Wed, June 73:30pmMemorial Day Ceremony5/29/23
Wed, June 74:30pmZoning Board of Appeals5/18/23
Wed, June 75pmNeedham Channel News6/1/23
Wed, June 75:30pmSpecial Town Meeting5/8/23
Wed, June 77pmNeedham School Committee6/6/23
Wed, June 710pmPlanning BoardTBA