Comcast Channel 99 RCN Channel 13 Verizon Channel 30
Wed, March 2212amPlanning Board3/9/17
Wed, March 222amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Wed, March 225amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Wed, March 227amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Wed, March 228amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Wed, March 229amLWV Friday ForumSnow Removal
Wed, March 2210amBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Wed, March 2211:30amNeedham Channel News3/16/17
Wed, March 2212pmPlanning Board3/9/17
Wed, March 222pmZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Wed, March 225pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Wed, March 228pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Wed, March 2210pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Wed, March 2211pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Thu, March 2312:30amPlanning Board3/9/17
Thu, March 232:30amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Thu, March 234:30amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Thu, March 237:30amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Thu, March 239:30amBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Thu, March 2311amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Thu, March 2312pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Thu, March 231pmPlanning Board3/9/17
Thu, March 233pmZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Thu, March 235pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Thu, March 238pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Thu, March 2310pmBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Thu, March 2311:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Fri, March 2412amPlanning Board3/9/17
Fri, March 242amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Fri, March 245amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Fri, March 247amBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Fri, March 248:30amNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Fri, March 249amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Fri, March 2410amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Fri, March 2411amPlanning Board3/9/17
Fri, March 241pmZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Fri, March 243pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Fri, March 246pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Fri, March 248pmBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Fri, March 249:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Fri, March 2410pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Fri, March 2411pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Sat, March 2512amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Sat, March 253amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Sat, March 255amBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Sat, March 256:30amNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Sat, March 257amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Sat, March 258amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Sat, March 259amPlanning Board3/9/17
Sat, March 2511amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Sat, March 251pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Sat, March 254pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Sat, March 256pmBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Sat, March 257:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Sat, March 258pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Sat, March 259pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Sat, March 2510pmPlanning Board3/9/17
Sun, March 2612amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Sun, March 262amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Sun, March 265amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Sun, March 266amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Sun, March 267amPlanning Board3/9/17
Sun, March 269amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Sun, March 2611amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Sun, March 262pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Sun, March 264pmBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Sun, March 265:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Sun, March 266pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Sun, March 267pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Sun, March 268pmPlanning Board3/9/17
Sun, March 2610pmZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Mon, March 271amBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Mon, March 272:30amNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Mon, March 273amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Mon, March 274amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Mon, March 275amPlanning Board3/9/17
Mon, March 277amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Mon, March 279amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Mon, March 2712pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Mon, March 272pmBoard of Selectmen2/28/17
Mon, March 273:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Mon, March 274pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Mon, March 275pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Mon, March 276pmPlanning Board3/9/17
Mon, March 278pmZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Mon, March 2710pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Tue, March 281amPlanning Board3/9/17
Tue, March 283amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Tue, March 285amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Tue, March 287amNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Tue, March 287:30amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Tue, March 288:30amPlanning Board3/9/17
Tue, March 2810:30amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Tue, March 2812:30pmNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Tue, March 283:30pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Tue, March 285:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Tue, March 286pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Tue, March 287pmBoard of Selectmen3/28/17
Tue, March 2811pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Wed, March 2912amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Wed, March 293amCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Wed, March 295amNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Wed, March 295:30amDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Wed, March 296:30amNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Wed, March 297:30amPlanning Board3/9/17
Wed, March 299:30amZoning Board of Appeals3/16/17
Wed, March 2911:30amNeedham School Committee3/21/17
Wed, March 292:30pmCPC Public Hearing3/8/17
Wed, March 294:30pmBoard of Selectmen3/28/17
Wed, March 297:30pmNeedham Channel News3/23/17
Wed, March 298pmDenise Garlick Forum2/27/17
Wed, March 299pmNHNA Meeting: Ridge Hill3/6/17
Wed, March 2910pmPlanning Board3/9/17

2 thoughts on “Municipal Channel Schedule

  1. When will you replay Rick Clerici’s ( Clear Mind Systems ) program
    on insomnia? I saw this excellent program last week and I would like
    my elderly neighbor to watch it the next time that you replay it. We both have Verizon as the internet provider.
    P.S. These three Needham channels are great.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! “Fixing Our Broken Sleep” is airing throughout the month of September on our Education Channel, which is Channel 31 on Verizon. Tonight (9/9) it airs at 7:30pm, but we have it on a rotation of airing twice a day for the upcoming week. The easiest way to get a list of all the air times for the week would be to click on our education schedule page and type “fixing” into the search field. All air dates for the week will pop up. Thanks for watching!

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