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Zoning Board of Appeals, 5/26/16

The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting held on May 26, 2016 is available for viewing online:


Minutes: Review and approve minutes from April 27, 2016 meeting.

Case #1 – 9 Ridgeway Avenue Continued from April 27, 2016
Applicant seeks a Special Permit to demolish a pre-existing non-conforming single family dwelling on a non-conforming lot and reconstruct a new non-conforming (as to side and front setbacks) single-family dwelling.

Informal Matter – 348 Manning Street and 34 Parkinson Street
On a special permit granted on November 19, 2015 which allowed the construction of a non-conforming two-family dwelling, the applicant has submitted a plan substitution to move the patio from the south side to the east side of one of the units.

Informal Matter – 1361 South Street
At the April 27, 2016 hearing for a Special Permit, the Board voted to deny substitution of one non-conforming use and structure for another non-conforming use of five residential units. The attorney on behalf of the applicant filed a request to the Board of Appeals on the “repetitive petition” statute, and ask them either to allow the applicant to withdraw without prejudice or to allow the applicant to amend the application.

Informal Matter – Greendale Village Bond Request

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