June 16, 2024

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Needham Annual and Special Town Meeting, 5/13/19

The Town Meeting session held on May 13, 2019 is now available for online viewing. It represents the end of the Annual Town Meeting and includes a short Special Town Meeting:

Control-Click here to open the Special Town Meeting Warrant in another window.

Control-Click here to open the Annual Town Meeting Warrant in another window.

This session includes: 1) The Melick Awards
2) Special Town Meeting:
• Withdrawn: Article 1
• Passed by Consent: Articles 2 & 3
• Article 4 – Amend General By-Laws: Non-Criminal Disposition
3) Annual Town Meeting:
• Article 32 – Appropriate for Town Common Renovation Design
• Article 34 – Appropriate for Cricket Field Renovations
• Article 36 – Appropriate to Community Preservation Fund
• Article 37 – Appropriate for General Fund Cash Capital
• Article 38 – Appropriate for Athletic Facility Improvements
• Article 42 – Appropriate to Athletic Facility Improvement Fund
• Article 49 – Amend General By-Law: Stretch Energy Code
• Article 50 – Home Rule Petition: Town Meeting
• Article 51 – Home Rule Petition: Resolution to Call for the United States
to “Pull Back from the Brink” and Prevent Nuclear War –
An Existential Threat to the Future of Humanity and the Planet

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