Select Board Meeting Agenda – May 14

7:00 Director of Public Works • Public Works Week Proclamation 7:00 Public Hearing- Application for a License to Store Fuel Aboveground at 140 Cabot Street • Evan Duval, Esq., Duval, Klasnick & Thompson LLC 7:00 Public Hearing- Level 3 Communications Grant of Location- 75 Second Avenue • Mike Wiemer, Century Link 7:00 Olin College Presentation, “Needham RTS- […]

Watch “Healthy Eating the Mediterranean Way”

Watch our new program, “Healthy Eating the Mediterranean Way” right here on! Host Dawn Ringel discusses the benefits of a healthy diet of mediterranean cuisine, with two special guests: Dietitian Cindy Crowninshield and Alex Iliades, owner of The Farm Grill, located on Needham Street in Newton. To stream the […]