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Needham School Committee, 2/25/20

The Needham School Committee meeting held on February 25, 2020 is available for viewing online:


1) Public Comments
2) School Committee Comments
3) Superintendent’ s Comments
4) Consent Items:
• Minutes of the Meeting of December 17, 2019
• Approve Reduction to Vehicle Expense Reimbursement
• Approve Revised FY’20 Revolving Fund fees
• Accept Donations
• Approve FY’20 Budget Transfers
• Establish Touchdown Club Scholarship
5) Discussion Items:
• Needham Education Foundation Large Grant Awards
• Needham High School Improvement Plan
• Needham High School: Report on Student Growth and Achievement
6) Action Items
• Approve Unit B Memorandum of Agreement
• Approve School Committee Policies:
DDAA – Grants
DDAB – Gifts, Donations and Fundraising
DDAC – Student Awards, Honors and Scholarships
IGA – Instructional Program of the Needham Public Schools, Revision 1
IGAC – Teaching about Religion, Revision 1
JQ – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
• Rescind Policies
• Approve Student Trip to Senegal, West Africa
7) School Committee Comments

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