May 29, 2024

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Needham School Committee, 6/16/20

The Needham School Committee meeting held on June 16, 2020 is now available for viewing online:


1) Executive Session
2) Public Comments
3) School Committee Chair and Subcommittee Updates
4) Superintendent’s Comments
5) Consent Items:
• Approve Transportation Payments During COVID-19 School Closure
• Minutes of the Meeting of April 28, 2020
• Accept Donations
6) Discussion Items:
• Response to COVID-19 Health Emergency: School Updates
• School Committee Policy JECBC: Admission of METCO Students
Revision 3 – First Reading
• Superintendent’s Evaluation
7) Action Items
• Vote on School Committee Resolution: COVID-19 State Funding
• Approve Agreements for Collective Bargaining Units C, D & E
• Approve Contracts for Non-Union Employees
• Discuss Superintendent’s Contract
8) School Committee Comments

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