June 16, 2024

The Needham Channel

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See 5 New NHS Student Docs on TNC

This Friday, The Needham Channel will be debuting five new documentaries produced by Needham High School students. These documentaries are the final projects of the Television Communications II class taught at NHS. All five documentaries include introductions from each of the student directors prior to the showing of their films.

The full program will debut on Friday, July 17th at 7pm on our HD Channel (as well as our live HD stream here at needhamchannel.org), with another airing at 8pm on our Education Channel. They will continue to run throughout the month of August on both channels.

Here is a list of every documentary, along with their student directors:
  • “S.A.T.: A Necessary Step to Success or an Unnnecessary Step to Failure,” Victoria Speratti
  • “The Survivors: 60 Soldiers Against an Army,” Lucas Ziskin
  • “Behind the Scenes of NHS News,” Danny Vulikh
  • “Ultra Sad: A Look at How Childhood Has Changed,” Noa Levine and Luella Angert
  • “The Stress of Learning,” Aidan Ward