June 25, 2024

The Needham Channel

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See the 2018 Needham’s Fireworks!

We will be the first to admit it: Fireworks are not the same experience on video as they are in person. You have all the flashes of color and deep booms of sound, but there is something special in the way the air shakes with each explosion and the smell of smoke wafting on the breeze. But since this year we can’t be there in person (in fact there is nowhere to be), the next best thing is to watch and remember the brilliant displays of the past.

2018 Exchange Club Fireworks

Every July, we come away with the impression that “This year topped all previous years”. You can be the judge by taking a look at a few videos of the tradition over the year. Let us know, how does 2018 stack up?

Visit the Needham Exchange Club website for more on this year’s celebration!