June 25, 2024

The Needham Channel

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Local Resources for Help and Support

For most in Needham, Karen Shannon is known for her work around Substance Use programs at the Needham Public Health Department. In this video, she takes stock of the local community resources that are available to help families through this tough time. From substance use and addiction to mental health and therapy, there is no need to approach these issues on your own. Shannon shares with us the details on the brand new “Get Connected Needham” initiative.

For older citizens, substance use and addiction can be an even trickier road to navigate when combined with the frailty that comes with age and the combination with prescribed medications. Jessica Moss of the Needham Center at the Heights (CATH) talks about the resources out there for seniors, which have become even more vital ever since the CATH had to close their doors for the COVID-19 Crisis.