June 16, 2024

The Needham Channel

Your Town…Your Neighbors…Your Television!

Watch our NCN Halloween Anchor Special!

The Needham Channel News Anchor Team return with another Reunion Special, this time talking all about their Halloween memories! NCN Producer Ashley Morin, along with pandemic anchor Mike Levin, are joined by Arnold Goldstein, Antoinetta Caraglia, Colleen Lavery and Joe McGinty, with everyone in their best costumes from a well-known Sci-Fi frachise!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Needham Channel has been closed to the public and because of that, our regular volunteer anchors for the Needham Channel News have been unable to be a part of the weekly program. This special is a follow up from the first reunion special from last month. Since Halloween will be very different for Needham residents this year, our Anchor Team talks about their past Halloween experiences, including best and worst Trick or Treating items, favorite costumes and annual traditions for the holiday.

Click on the video box above for the entire Needham Channel News Halloween Anchor Reunion Special.