May 23, 2024

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Annual Town Meeting, 5/3/21

There may not have been much on the warrant, but there was certainly a lot to be said as the Town Meeting members gathered for the Annual session on Monday night. Pressed for time by both the fading sunlight and an impending rain storm, the members were able to get down to business and walk through the complex zoning articles that were scheduled for discussion. This session is currently available for streaming online in the window below:

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Needham Annual Town Meeting

This session includes:
• Consent Article: 4
• Article 3 – Establish Elected Officials’ Salaries
• Article 5 – Amend Zoning By-Law – Highway Commercial 1 Zoning District
• Article 6 – Amend Zoning By-Law – Map Change to Highway Commercial 1
• Article 7 – Citizen’s Petition/Amend Zoning By-Law – Map Change to Single Residence B Zoning District

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