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April 2021 Production Report:

Weather-wise, April is a pretty tricky month. It always has been. One minute you have bright sun, and the next moment you are caught in the rain. Metaphorically speaking, our month was kind of like that over at the Needham Channel. Lot’s of activity on several different fronts kept us busy, and while we didn’t quite hit the numeric highs of March, we had a tremendous amount of diversity work its way into our programming!

Our high point was definitely on April 1st. An evening of back to back premieres, having live football as a lead-in was a terrific way to kick off four new episodes of programming, and got a lot of love going for our website live-stream. Nothing attracted viewers so much as our live sports coverage, but we had an extreme amount of interest during and after the Select Board’s marathon April 14th meeting. With 40% of the board being brand new personalities, viewers tuned in live, streamed, or watched our posted version of the meeting on our website.

In general, it was not a bad month, production-wise. It ties with November for the second most number of productions for the year, and we see a significant bounce into an upward trajectory from last year. I am optimistic that this trend will continue as we make our way through May.

Perhaps the brightest spot is the diversity of genre we saw in April. While municipal meetings have been our bread-and-butter over the past 12 months, we had slightly fewer productions this month, with more sports, community Events, Public Affairs programs to fill the void. We had less in the way of religious, educational and entertainment programs, but we had a strong showing on our public service front. Our programming struck a good balance, and I thought we served our community well!

You can find out more about this past month’s productions and find out how well our social media is landing by clicking on the picture above.