June 16, 2024

The Needham Channel

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The TNC Production Report is here!

August 2021 Production Report:

The sleepy dog days of summer were not so quiet for us at the Needham Channel. Things did slow down in terms of numbers of productions, but we were all over town with some pretty intense shoots that have kicked off the new school year well. We are still riding off the high generated by a bumper crop of student documentaries from Needham High School. We also had several intense municipal meetings, over the course of the month. The end result was a spike in our municipal meeting hours, and overall production hours (the most in 10 years!), although the number of productions were down (also the lowest in 10 years….). The low number of programs also popped up on our look at the year itself, but as mentioned before, that has more to do with pacing of programming than the amount of production going on. Looking at the genres, it is perhaps not surprising that we had more public affairs, education and municipal programming than usual, and less sports and religion programs than is typical. Where we really took off this month was on social media. We had a tremendous amount of engagement surrounding our coverage of the NHS Football team’s media day, and even our notices on the municipal meeting side of things got a lot of eyeballs on them! Check out how we did both on TV and online in this month’s production report!