June 16, 2024

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School Committee Reaction to Article 7 Amendment

The future of the Emery Grover Building has stirred lots of discussion in the community. After reviewing the options provided in a feasibility study finished in June 2020, the Emery Grover working group, composed of members from various town entities, deemed a $21 million renovation plan as the most cost-effective alternative. It would allow the building to continue accommodating the School Administration Department and also preserve the oldest surviving public building in town. At the upcoming Special Town Meeting, the School Committee will ask town meeting members to approve the $1,475,000 in design funds needed for the Emery Grover renovation and the temporary use of Hillside School as swing space (Article 7).

The Finance Committee voted not to recommend the adoption of Article 7 but instead recommended an amendment that seeks $350,000 to only fund the design costs for the temporary use of Hillside School.

At the School Committee meeting on October 19th, several committee members expressed their frustration about the proposed amendment.

The Finance Committee’s decision came after a lengthy discussion at its meeting on October 13th. You can watch the meeting on the town’s YouTube Channel, which is also embedded below. The section on Article 7 starts at 25:50.