June 19, 2024

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Citizens Academy Episode 3 – Traffic Stop & Use of Force

Last year, the Needham Police Department hosted a six-week program, which intended to help residents understand how local enforcement works. A variety of police officers demonstrated on a range of topics including use of force, criminal law and procedure, crime scene investigation, community resources and regional collaborations.

The Needham Channel is presenting you a six-episode series that cover most of the demonstrations from the workshop.

In this episode, Sergeant Tim Dooher will walk through the elements of a motor vehicle violation. You will also see Officer Joe Brienze and Officer Edd Bayiates demonstrate on the steps a police officer takes to enforce traffic stops. In the end, Sergeant Rich Forbes will explain how MILO, a simulation program that provides immersive experience and plays an important role in the police de-escalation training. Click the video box below to watch!

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