June 25, 2024

The Needham Channel

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Impactful Planning Board Meeting

The Needham Planning Board often talks about property setbacks, but developers may be looking at setbacks of another kind after their meeting on February 1st. Two projects were bound to be big topics on their agenda. The first was the potential redevelopment of 100 West Street. Having new Zoning in place for the property that used to be the “old Carter’s building”, the Planning Board was hoping for something more than the new owners were proposing. It is a plan that is still being worked out, and centers around the changing needs of senior citzen’s, as municipal producer Yuxiao Yuan reports.

And while the date had been set for a decision on the potential child care center at 1688 Central Avenue, the future of the project is still to be determined. The Planning Board will have to meet once again before officially making their minds up on the property, but still some progress was made.