July 22, 2024

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Community Preservation Committee Public Hearing, 3/16/22

The Community Preservation Committee holds a public hearing every month in March prior to the board making recommendations to promote proposals to the Annual Needham Town Meeting. It is a great way for town meeting members to do the groundwork necessary prior to the yearly May sessions. This program is currently available for viewing in the window below.

Agenda Item:

1) Needham Housing Authority Property Survey

2) Needham Housing Authority Schematic Design Linden/Chambers

3) Needham Housing Authority Purchase of East Militia Heights Property

4) Needham Housing Authority Assistant Director Position

5) Emery Grover Renovation

6) NHS Tennis Court Improvements

7) Boat Launch

8) Needham Community Farm Construction of Growing Beds

9) Increase Funding of Community Housing Fund from 11% to 22%