June 2, 2023

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Community Preservation Committee Public Hearing, 3/16/22

The Community Preservation Committee holds a public hearing every month in March prior to the board making recommendations to promote proposals to the Annual Needham Town Meeting. It is a great way for town meeting members to do the groundwork necessary prior to the yearly May sessions. This program is currently available for viewing in the window below.

Timecode: Agenda Item:
0:09:37 FY2023-01: Needham Housing Authority Property Survey
0:22:10 FY2023-02: Needham Housing Authority Schematic Design Linden/Chambers
0:29:17 FY2023-03: Needham Housing Authority Purchase of East Militia Heights Property
0:49:34 FY2023-04: Needham Housing Authority Assistant Director Position
0:53:37 FY2023-05: Emery Grover Renovation
1:13:38 FY2023-07: NHS Tennis Court Improvements
1:20:58 FY2023-09: Boat Launch
1:33:01 FY2023-11: Needham Community Farm Construction of Growing Beds
1:47:20 FY2023: Increase Funding of Community Housing Fund from 11% to 22%