June 19, 2024

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February 2022: New Perspectives

February 2022:

February has come and gone in a flash! Some might say it is because there are a few less days in the month, but at the Needham Channel the speed was mostly due to the amount of work we had to get through! It was an incredible month of specials, series, sports and more that kept us on our toes.

The last time we were this busy in February was way back in 2016. Part of our high output was due to the additional Planning Board coverage, which pushed our municipal production hours to a ten year record of 20. The five meetings held by them represented half of our overall meeting coverage for the month. But meetings were only part of the picture as we had 37 overall productions debut in February–our busiest month in a year. You can find out more about this past month’s accomplishments by clicking on the picture and link above.