July 16, 2024

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Green Needham Collaborative Forum on Building

It is a well-established reality that the old housing stock is slowly being replaced by newer, mostly larger houses. While many may lament the changing face of Needham, others may see it as an opportunity. Technology advancements and ecological awareness have grown in leaps and bounds over the year, putting architects, designers and developers in a unique and powerful position in our battle against climate change. In this webinar hosted in January, the Green Needham Collaborative panel of experts walk you through the possibilities and advantages to building new houses or retrofitting old ones. It is an eye-opening event!

0:03:30Craig Foley – Net Zero Energy Homes and the Real Estate Market
0:22:30Stephanie Horowitz – Architectual Solutions
0:37:30Jonathan Kantar – Builder Experiences
0:51:45Joel Boucher – Heat Pumps and Geothermal Systems
1:11:45Ed Quinlan – Heat Pump Energy Modeling