February 7, 2023

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Needham Select Board, 4/26/22

The Needham Select Board met for their first regular session back in the Select Board Chamber of Town Hall. The meeting is currently available for viewing on this site in the window below:

Timecode: Agenda Item:
0:00:30 Public Comment Period
0:01:02 Town Meeting Consult with the Finance Committee
0:25:45 Arbor Day Proclamation
0:35:13 DPW Summer Projects
1:20:06 Hutter Ridge Road Street Acceptance
1:27:13 Town Manager:
• Approve Memorandum of Agreement/Needham Police Union (1:27:13)
• Community Farm Licensure (1:32:53)
• Annual and Special Town Meeting Preparations (1:35:31)
• Town Manager Report (1:48:20)
1:49:14 Board Discussion
• Dangerous Dog Update (1:49:14)
• Committee Reports (1:56:22)

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