June 14, 2024

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Exploring the Role and Impact of School Resource Officers

[text adapted from event announcement]

Part 2 of a 3 part series designed to help foster greater understanding and dialogue between police and the community.

The series aims to engage community members in conversations around race, diversity, equity, and inclusion, a key recommendation from the Needham Unite Against Racism Initiative (NUARI). The NUARI Working Group identified policing as a priority area of focus.

The event, “Exploring the Role and Impact of School Resource Officers,” focuses on youth and police interactions, with a particular focus on School Resource Officers. Participants hear from UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School Professor Mark Warren about the history of School Resource Officers, how their roles have evolved over time and current data on outcomes and racial impacts. Needham School Resource Officer RJ Poirier shares an overview of his role in Needham and the Needham Police Department’s philosophy, partnerships, and approach to working with youth. This was followed by small break-out groups for discussion and reflection. These conversations are intended to create and foster meaningful relationships and dialogue.

0:03:38Chad Williams – Moderator’s Welcome
0:06:35Mark Warren
0:34:20RJ Poirier
0:58:44Breakout Group Discussion Summaries