February 5, 2023

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Needham Annual Town Meeting, Session 2: 5/4/22

Once again we faced a little bit of a challenge for the live airing of this meeting. The audio on Comcast was again disrupted, but we were able to get it up and running by 8pm. Our staff was there to capture the session in its entirety, and the town meeting members went right to work as the session began. They made terrific progress on the warrant, and delivered a few surprises along the way. This session is currently available for streaming in the window below:

Control-Click here to open the Annual Town Meeting Warrant in another window

Needham Annual Town Meeting

This session includes:

0:00:13 Article 40: Citizens’ Petition – Amend General By-Laws
0:21:33 Article 21 – Appropriate for Emery Grover Renovation
0:50:36 Article 23 – Appropriate for General Fund Cash Capital
1:41:08 Article 25 – Appropriate for Public Works Infrastructure
2:02:39 Article 26 – Library Space Utilization Study
2:12:17 Article 27 – DPW Complex Feasibility Study
2:22:08 Article 31 – Appropriate to Athletic Facility Improvement Fund
2:43:39 Article 32 – Appropriate to Workers Compensation Fund
2:49:06 Article 33 – Appropriate to Public Safety Injury on Duty Fund
2:54:55 Article 34 – Amend General By-Laws: Snow and Ice on Sidewalks
3:20:36 Article 35 – Amend General By-Laws: Household Refuse

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