January 29, 2023

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Needham Select Board, 5/24/22

The May 24th Select Board meeting started with a moment of silence for the victims of the mass shooting which occurred in Buffalo, New York on May 14th where the gunman killed 10 black people in a grocery store, as well as the school shooting which took place at a Texas elementary school just that morning, killing nineteen children and two adults. The meeting is currently available for viewing on this site in the window below:

00:01:19A Moment of Silence
00:06:30Public Hearing: Eversource Grant of Location
463 South Street
00:09:05Public Hearing: Alteration of Premises for an All-Alcohol License in a Restaurant
Latin-A Group, LLC dba Latina Kitchen
00:13:29Town Manager:
• Home Rule Petition: Off-Premises Alcohol Licenses
00:17:22Public Hearing: Modification, Suspension or Revocation of Alcohol License
Zucchini Gold, LLC, dba The Rice Barn
00:45:00Dangerous Dog Hearing (continued from April 13, 2022)
00:57:00Town Manager, continued:
• Remote Participation Policy Discussion (00:57:00)
• Town Manager Report (01:11:15)
01:12:45Board Discussion
• 557 Highland Avenue Project (Comments for Planning Board Hearing)

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