June 14, 2024

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Needham School Committee, 10/18/22

It may have been a school committee meeting, but it was Town Meeting that was on their minds, as the school committee met on October 18th. With the Special session just days away, they took the opportunity to do some last-minute aggregation of information. They also heard the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s report on the district, and listened to the report of the Needham High School Student Advisory Committee. Please note that clicking on the agenda will open the video in a new browser window.


1) Public Comments

2) School Committee Chair and Subcommittee Updates

3) Superintendent’s Comments

4) Consent Items
• Accept Donations
• Disposal of Surplus Items

5) Needham High School Student Advisory to School Committee Report

6) Emery Grover Project Update/October 2022 Special Town Meeting Preparation

7) Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Comprehensive District Review Report September 2022

8) Action Item:
• Vote to Support October 2022 Special Town Meeting Article 10:
Appropriate for Emery Grover Renovation Supplement

9) School Committee Comments

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