June 16, 2024

The Needham Channel

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A Quiet End to a Great Year!

As we start the New Year, we always try to take a few moments to look back at what we accomplished over the past year here at the Needham Channel. We have enjoyed a successful 2022, as we were able to build up a full year of expanded municipal meeting coverage, replaced some of our aging technology, worked with RCN/Astound to provide our channels to them digitally and more. One thing we always look forward to is reviewing our programming from the past year. It gives us an opportunity to check out the trends, see where Needham is going, and make sure that we are not only along for the ride, but helping to guide its course. We just completed our tallying, and are pleased to present our annual production report, along with a few choice insights about our presence online:

Click here for the 2022 Yearly Production Report and Social Media Summary

And, of course in order to complete that annual review, we had to work the figures for our regular monthly report, which provides some more in depth information about December 2022. Just click on the image below for the full report: