July 22, 2024

The Needham Channel

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The Needham Channel is Hiring!

The Needham Channel is looking to fill a full-time Community Reporter position! Whether you are just getting started in the industry or have had experience as a journalist and are seeking a local opportunity, we may have just the job you are looking for. The available spot is for a video-based Production Assistant, who will, in addition to the typical tasks assigned to a PA, also write, edit and report stories for our weekly live “Needham Channel News” program.

For any questions or to submit a resume and cover letter, email Mike Levin at: mlevin@needhamchannel.org.

The full job posting is below:

Community Reporter/Production Assistant (Video/Media):

Job Purpose: The role of this position is to participate in the daily operations of the Needham Channel, to create or aid in the creation local programming of interest to the community and to engage in the production of our newscast and other programs.

Description: Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Community Reporting:
  • Engage with the town through television coverage of meetings, events and the local issues of community interest. Stories would be produced for consumption over many venues including the studio newscast, website and social media. Stories should be visually engaging, informative and feature interviews with local residents, businesses and newsmakers
  • Assist in the production of the Needham Channel News under the direction of the public affairs director, including such duties as camerawork, editing, segment producing, volunteer training, research, pre-production, audio engineering, teleprompter operation, graphics design and other tasks
Studio Operations:
  • Assist with the pre-production, production and post-production of local origination programming and public access programming for the Needham Channel
  • Maintain and provide the high quality look and informational content of the station’s informational electronic bulletin board
  • Work with community producers to develop elements for their productions, with an eye on improving the overall quality of their productions
  • Train new volunteers and interns and develop materials and classes to aid in the training of volunteers and interns
  • Assist with the duplication of TNC programming for purchase by town residents and cable subscribers.
  • Assist with the playback of programming on all television and internet outlets of the Needham Channel
  • Record municipal meetings and special programming as assigned by the executive director, programming manager and director of public affairs
  • Take a lead role in advancing community programming through the production process in a timely manner
  • Participate in the production of in-studio and field programming as directed
  • Coordinate coverage of events as assigned by the executive director and programming manager
  • Contact volunteer producers and volunteers for productions as needed
  • Assist in the scheduling of studio resources and document usage of equipment
  • Maintain studio equipment and facilities as needed as assigned by the executive director, programming manager and the public affairs producer
  • Assist in the maintenance and development of the Needham Channel’s social media through YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook among other sites
Job Type: Full-time, Salaried
Benefits: Health Insurance • Dental insurance • Retirement Plan • Paid Time Off • Flexible schedule
Typical Schedule: 8 hour shift • 5-day work week • Some Holiday Shifts • Some weekend availablility
Education: Bachelor’s (Preferred)
Experience: 1 year Journalism or Television Production (Preferred)
License/Certification: Driver’s License
Work Location: Multiple Locations

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Mike Levin at: mlevin@needhamchannel.org.