April 24, 2024

The Needham Channel

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2024 Needham Select Board Election

On April 9th, Needham voters will decide on two critical seats for one of the town’s most influential boards. As the election nears, we had the opportunity to sit down with all three candidates to delve into their backgrounds and priorities.

Each candidate recognized the pressing issue of improving the town’s drainage system, particularly in the aftermath of last summer’s rainstorm, which left many households grappling with financial and emotional challenges.

Additionally, Needham faces a spectrum of ongoing challenges, including the imperative to address housing affordability, navigate the complexities of passing multifamily zoning in compliance with state law, complete three major school building projects, and more.

Kevin Keane, elected during a Special Election in 2021 to fill the remainder of Lakshmi Balachandra’s term, has swiftly ascended to the role of Vice-Chair on the board. Should he be reelected, he is poised to assume the position of Chair. Keane reflected on his learning curve and the board’s strategic direction.

Tina Burgos brings a diverse perspective to the table as Chair of the Needham Human Rights Committee and the owner of a boutique clothing store. Drawing from her entrepreneurial background and experiences as a person of color, she advocates for an enhanced representation within the board.

Joshua Levy, a member of the Finance Committee for six years, is making his second bid for the Select Board. He emphasized the importance of incorporating diverse viewpoints on the board while fostering collaboration to address challenges innovatively.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, April 9! For information on polling stations and how to vote by mail or early in person, please visit the
Town Clerk’s website.