April 24, 2024

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Community Preservation Committee Public Hearings, 3/13/24

It does not get a lot of attention over the course of the year, but this committee provides essential guidance to the town on projects both big and small. This year there are four initiatives that are underway, seeking Town Meeting approval for funding through the Community Preservation Act. You can learn about those projects in this series of public hearings, and let your town meeting representatives know your thoughts!
Please note: selecting an item from the agenda will open the meeting in a new tab or window.


1) Public Hearing on FY2025 Project Funding Applications:
• Chair’s Introduction

• FY2025-01: Needham Housing Authority Linden Redevelopment (Construction)
• FY2025-02: Needham High School Tennis Courts (Construction)
• FY2025-03: DeFazio Fencing Improvements
• FY2025 Increase in Community Housing Special Reserve Allocation from 11% to 22%
2) Chair’s Updates