May 29, 2024

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Walking a Mile (or 12.6) in Their Shoes

April 11, 2024
• In Boston, Patriot’s Day is perhaps best know for the Marathon. Out in Needham, there is a new tradition that is inspired by something much older.

The state holiday is meant to commemorate the first few battles of the Revolutionary War, where fighting broke out in Lincoln, Concord, and Menotomy (now Arlington). On that day, Needham’s east militia gathered on the town common to lend their support to the effort. A lot has changed since then–including the location of the town common. But in recent years people have still been gathering on that same lot of land, now Townsend Green, and honoring those who fought on that day by following in their footsteps. The Needham Channel’s Derick Risner participated in last year’s walk, and brings you a preview of this year’s event, hosted by the Needham History Center and Museum.


Want to join the walk? You’ll have to register in advance. You can check out the details on the Needham History Center’s event page.


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