May 20, 2024

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Western Gunslingers

Purveyors of history are familiar with the phrase “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” While great for legend, it can be frustrating for those who want to know what really happened in times past. This series sticks to the facts while telling you about a fascinating time in American history.


Episode 8 - Black Bart

June 2023

Charles Boles was a Civil War hero and an overall upstanding citizen. But he had one humdinger of a midlife crisis and began robbing stage coaches under the pseudonym Black Bart. Daniel Seligman shows how the Gentleman Bandit excelled above his piers, and how not all of his behavior was worthy of the moniker "Gentleman".

Episode 8 - Belle Starr

May 2023

Tune in as Dan Seligman continues his look at the Wild West's "Bad Guys". In this episode, he looks at the sensationalistic Belle Starr, who some called the Bandit Queen. There was a lot of build up around her legend, but what was truth, and what is best ascribed to Tall Tales?

Episode 7 - Billy the Kid

April 2023

Henry McCarty, aka Billy the Kid, is said to have killed 21 people before he was 21. Some say he was left-handed and that there's a photo that "proves" it. Daniel Seligman to parse out the fact from the fiction.

Episode 6 - Jesse James

March 2023

Life in the Old West had it's fair share of rough characters with dark and devious motives. When it comes to "bad guys", it is hard to beat the renown of Jesse James. What is fact and what is legend when it comes to this outlaw. Tune in to find out!

Episode 5 - Annie Oakley

February 2023

In her day, Annie Oakley was admired for her excellent sharpshooting skills and demure manure. In this episode Daniel Seligman tells us about the "Little Sure Shot"... who maybe could have prevented The Great War from happening with one bullet?

Episode 4 - Buffalo Bill Cody

January 2023

In his day Buffalo Bill Cody was famous for hunting... well, Buffalo! But he is most remembered today for his outdoor performances of Buffalo Bill's Wild West. Host Daniel Seligman tells us about the man who may have been the most responsible for making the Western a staple of American Pop-Culture.

Episode 3 - Bat Masterson

December 2022

In this third episode, Daniel Seligman highlights the third Lawman in the series, Bat Masterson. A Gunslinger known both for the way he dressed and for his willingness to do anything for a friend.

Episode 2 - Wyatt Earp

November 2022

The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral is the most well known shootout in Western lore. Here to clear through the smoke of history, host Daniel Seligman tells us about the famous lawman from that duel, Wyatt Earp.

Episode 1 - Wild Bill Hicock

October 2022

For over a century, magazines, Movies and TV Shows told tales of the legendary heroes and villains of the west. But how much of it is true? On Western Gunslingers, host Daniel Seligman sorts through the facts and fictions to tell the true stories of the Olde West. In this inaugural episode he profiles the famous Lawman and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok.