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TNC Programming Update – February 28, 2018

ARE YOU READY???? For High School Winter Sports Playoffs that is? Starting Wednesday night, we have the first of what could be a very busy time here at The Needham Channel, with sports just the tip of the iceberg! Just before the debut of our first playoff game (Girls Hockey on the Community Channel), we have the first airing of Tuesday night’s School Committee meeting from Dorchester on our Municipal Channel. There will also be another School Committee meeting next Tuesday, live from Broadmeadow, in addition to at least three more high school sports postseason games, depending on whether any teams advance. Here is a list of our new debuts to watch for this week: Wed, 2/28 7:30pm (Education Channel) – School Committee (From 2/27 in Dorchester) Wed, 2/28 8pm (Community Channel) – Girls Hockey Playoff vs. Braintree (From 2/27 in Randolph) Thu, 3/1 7:30pm (Community Channel) – Needham Channel News (LIVE) Thu, 3/1 9:30pm (Education Channel) – Boys Basketball Playoff vs. Taunton (From 2/28) Fri, 3/2 8:30pm (Community Channel) – Boys Hockey Playoff vs. Milton (From 2/28 in Boston) Sat, 3/3 8pm (Community Channel) – Girls Basketball Playoff at Walpole (From 3/1) Tue, 3/6 7pm (Municipal Channel) – School Committee (LIVE) Wed, 3/7 7:30pm (Community Channel) – What’s My House Worth? For our full listings of the upcoming week, check out all three of our channels below: Community Channel (Feb 28-Mar 7): https://www.needhamchannel.org/community-channel-schedule/ Education Channel (Feb 28-Mar 7): https://www.needhamchannel.org/education-channel-schedule-2/ Municipal Channel (Feb 28-Mar 7): https://www.needhamchannel.org/municipal-channel-schedule/