We are now in the midst of not only the Annual Town Meeting, but also a busy period for NHS Athletics as well! We have at least three more Town Meeting sessions, all falling in this next programming week, as well as a live School Committee meeting, too. In addition, we have four new high school spring sports broadcasts debuting this week, along with the first episode of a new series from TNC Sports Producer Chris Dugan. It’s called “Rockets Report,” where he will go in depth with Needham High School players, coaches and teams. Below is a list of new debuts to watch for this week:

Wed, 5/9 8pm (Community Channel)  Girls Lacrosse vs. Framingham (From 5/8)
Wed, 5/9 7:30pm (Municipal Channel)
  Annual Town Meeting Session #2 (LIVE)
Thu, 5/10 7:30pm (Community Channel)  Needham Channel News (LIVE)
Fri, 5/11 8pm (Community Channel) – Rockets Report – Episode 1
Fri, 5/11 8:30pm (Community Channel) – Baseball vs. Wellesley (From 5/9)
Mon, 5/14 7:30pm (Municipal Channel) – Annual Town Meeting Session #3 (LIVE)
Mon, 5/14 9pm (Community Channel) – Girls Lacrosse vs. Westwood (From 5/10)
Tue, 5/15 7pm (Municipal Channel)  School Committee (LIVE)
Wed, 5/16 7:30pm (Municipal Channel)  Annual Town Meeting Session #4 (LIVE)
Wed, 5/16 8pm (Community Channel) – Softball vs. Framingham (From 5/14)

For our full listings of the upcoming week, check out all three of our channels below:
Community Channel (May 9-May 16): https://www.needhamchannel.org/community-channel-schedule/
Education Channel (May 9-May 16): https://www.needhamchannel.org/education-channel-schedule-2/
Municipal Channel (May 9-May 16): https://www.needhamchannel.org/municipal-channel-schedule/