May 23, 2024

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Election Results: Question 4 Passes, Rausch defeats Ross

The 2018 Election is done and in Needham, two races in particular have a big impact on the community. Question 4, an override for funding of new Public Safety Buildings, passed by an over 71% majority. In the race for State Senator in the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District, Becca Rausch defeated incumbent Richard Ross, with Rausch receiving big support in Needham, where she was serving as a member of Town Meeting. Here are all the Needham results for the 2018 State Election: Senator in Congress: Elizabeth A. Warren 10,831 — Geoff Diehl 4,625 — Shiva Ayyadurai 498 Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Baker and Polito 10,638 — Gonzalez and Palfrey 5,299 Senator in General Court (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex District): Richard J. Ross 2,557 — Rebecca L. Rausch 5,088 Question 1 (Patient-to-Nurse Limits): Yes 3,400 — No 12,608 Question 2 (Commission on Limiting Election Spending and Corporate Rights): Yes 11,964 — No 3,788 Question 3 (Transgender Anti-Discrimination): Yes 12,732 — No 3,256 Question 4 (Town of Needham Prop 2 1/2 Ballot Question – Public Safety Building & Fire Station #2): Yes 10,332 — No 4,949