June 25, 2024

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7:30 p.m. Public Hearing on FY20 Budget – January 15

School Committee Meeting Agenda – January 15 at Broadmeadow Elementary School

5:30 p.m.        Executive Session

7:00 p.m.        Public Comments

7:05 p.m.        School Committee Chair and Subcommittee Updates

7:05 p.m.        Superintendent’s Comments

7:05 p.m.        Consent Agenda   1. Minutes of the Meeting of January 8, 2019

Discussion Items

7:10 p.m.        FY20 Budget Consultation with Town Manager

7:30 p.m.        Public Hearing on the FY20 Budget

8:15 p.m.        Athletic Program Update and Budget Discussion

9:00 p.m.       Action Items

                          Approve Establishment of Friends of Needham Hockey Scholarship

                            Approve Establishment of Needham High School Diamond Club Scholarship

School Committee Comments

Information Items

                           FY20 Revolving Funds Budget Requests

                           Town of Needham Chapter 40B Guidelines

                           Disposal of Surplus Items