June 25, 2024

The Needham Channel

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January Production Report Available Online

Even though we STILL have problems with the fact that February is here already, we pulled ourselves together and took a look at the year 2020 so far. January was a pretty solid month here at the Needham Channel, no doubt about it! We debuted 33 programs for a total over 36 new hours of programming–a nice kick-start to the Roaring 20s! We had more coverage of sports and the schools than last year, and a quicker turn-around in the editing suites brought you our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Forde Award coverage a little bit earlier than last year. Online, sports dominated social media with lots of love for the basketball teams, but we were also very pleased with how many people viewed Rep. Garlick’s new show (From Home to the Dome) online.

You can get all the details in our production report!