June 24, 2024

The Needham Channel

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Civics Series Now Streaming!

This past year, the Needham Community Education program teamed up with the Needham League of Women Voters to bring together a series of workshops looking at the structure of government from the town level to the federal level. Each event took a different approach and provided an overview of governance. In it, attendees could glimpse at the separate purposes each level serves and how they affect our lives as citizens. This civics series was recorded by the Needham Channel, and is now available for viewing at your leisure!

In March, Town Manager Kate Fitzpatrick kicked off the Needham Civic Series with “Town Government 101”:

This was followed up in October with a presentation by Select Board member Dan Matthews, as quite literally mapped out the major structures in play at the county level:

Jay Gonzalez then stepped in for an insiders’ view of the Massachusetts State Government:

And the entire series wrapped up with former High School teacher Bob Baker leading a class discussing the role of the federal government and where it is headed: