April 22, 2024

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Needham Select Board, 4/14/21

The Needham Select Board held their first meeting since the 2021 Spring Election in a special session on Wednesday, April 14. It was a marathon session that organized the board for town meeting and set the tone for the year to come. The meeting was carried on our Municipal Channel and our HD Channel and is now available for streaming online.


1) Select Board Reorganization
2) Public Hearing – Shade Tree, 61 Eaton Road
3) Change of Liquor Manager Hearing – Blue on Highland
4) Health & Human Services Update
5) DPW Spring and Summer 2021 Anticipated Projects
6) Town Manager
• Memorandum of Agreement with DPW/Needham Independent Public Employees’
Association (NIPEA), Needham Police Union, and Needham Police Superior Officers Association
• Naming of Reservoir Trail
• Positions on Warrant Articles
• Town Manager Report
8) Board Discussion
• Tidwell Report
• Needham Unite Against Racism Update
• Committee Reports

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