July 16, 2024

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Green Needham Virtual Open House, June 2022

Green Needham, or the Green Needham Collaborative, has been a volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness and promoting change to create a more environmentally sustainable future through local action. Active since 2006, the organization has made strong connections throughout the community and advocated on many aspects of healthier, more earth-friendly topics–some of which may surprise you. Recently they held an open house online to introduce themselves to people who may not have been aware of them previously, and to provide an entry point for new volunteers who are interested in joining their efforts.

00:00:00Introduction to Green Needham
00:02:50Climate Change and the Urgency for Action
00:10:00Needham’s Climate Action Plan
00:18:08Green Energy Aggregation
00:24:50Net Zero Energy Buildings
00:38:06Transportation and Solar Canopies and EV Charging Stations
00:47:47Home Energy Savings
00:55:32Toward Zero Waste Initiatives

You can learn more about Green Needham at: www.greenneedham.org