September 27, 2023

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Zoning Board of Appeals, 6/16/22

The Zoning Board of Appeals met for a regularly scheduled session on June 16, 2022. The meeting was held through Zoom Meetings and aired live on both our HD Channel and our Municipal Channel. It is currently available for viewing in the window below:


Minutes: Review and approve Minutes from May 19, 2022.
begins at 0:01:23

Case #1 – 68 Wilshire Park
The applicant seeks to amend the Special Permit dated June 17, 2021 by substituting new plans for the Revised Building Plans approved in the Special Permit. The property is located in the Single Residence B (SRB) District.
begins at 0:01:38

Case #2 – 35 Highland Circle
Zdorovie ADH Needham has applied for a Special Permit to the allow the use of an adult day care facility and to waive strict adherence to parking and parking design requirements associated with the conversion of the ground level garage of a three floor office building to house an adult day health program with capacity of 80 clients and 13 staff members. The property is located in the Mixed-Use 128 (MU-128) District.
begins at 0:11:40

Case #3 – 670 Highland Avenue, 284 Webster Street and 28 Greendale Avenue Continued from May 19, 2022
Temple Beth Shalom and Davenport Holding Properties, Inc., applicants, applied for a Special Permit Amendment to provide relief for the following: a) an extension of the 2015 Special Permit to expand the parking lot due to the acquisition of the properties at 284 Webster Street and 28 Greendale Avenue; b) a waiver of strict adherence to the parking space and parking design requirements; and c) the continuance of pre-existing nonconforming buildings and structures, and uses thereon. This request is associated with the demolition of the existing house and garage at 284 Webster Street and the construction of a parking lot connected to the existing Temple driveway and main parking lot; and the renovations of the house and garage at 28 Greendale Avenue for use as additional classroom space. The property is located in the Single Residence B (SRB) District.
begins at 1:02:23

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