June 25, 2024

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Board of Selectmen Meeting Agenda – November 27

7:00 Policeman’s Memorial Project- “ In Honor of Those Who Protect and Serve Needham” – Paul Good, Needham Community Revitalization Trust Fund

7:00 Public Hearing- Application for Pledge of License and Transfer for an All Alcoholic Beverage License for Bertucci’s – Francisco Guzman, Manager, Bertucci’s Needham

7:30 Continuation of Discussion from 10/23/2018: Consideration of Section 15 All Alcohol Licenses – Board Discussion

7:45 Town Manager: Community Preservation Fund Applications & Preliminary Capital Plan

8:00 Board Discussion – Committee Reports

8:15 Executive Session: Exception 2- Contract Negotiations for Non-Union Personnel and Exception 6- Purchase, Exchange, Lease or Value of Real Property