June 17, 2024

The Needham Channel

Your Town…Your Neighbors…Your Television!

TNC HD Now Streaming!!

The Needham Channel’s HD Channel is now streaming live here on needhamchannel.org! That means everyone can watch us over the internet for live municipal meetings and all of our local programming, whether they have cable or not or even live in Needham or not. To watch the HD Channel live, click the following link: https://videoplayer.telvue.com/player/O7e6JrKKSJ3H_TX3VgEvpbSSL7Dbnrk2/stream/600?fullscreen=false&showtabssearch=false&autostart=false&jwsource=cl You can also access the stream on our needhamchannel.com home page, by clicking the video box below “Watch Our HD Channel Here!”