June 21, 2024

The Needham Channel

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April 2020 Production Report now available!

April was a month where we were braced for the worst. Our studio was largely closed. Our staff was working from home. Everything that we would normally cover…didn’t happen. That being said, we had a lot to be grateful for. We were able to share municipal meetings through Zoom Meetings. We had (and have) productions which we started in previous months that we were able to finish and share, and we had a super positive and cooperative base of volunteer groups and staff who brought their best to us. As we enter month three of the COVID era, more is in the works. Thank you to all our volunteers and staff who put in extra hours and displayed flexibility during the onset of the COVID-19 Crisis. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy this month, and if you are curious, check out our report here! For greater context, you can visit our production report page, and see this report alongside those from recent years.