June 17, 2024

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TNC Website Starts Overhaul, 6/29/20

On June 29, 2020 we have begun a transition for a new design for the Needham Channel website. We are going to keep the site live as changes are being made, so visitors may notice shifts in the design and limited functionality as different parts of the site come back on line. We are planning on having the site back up in its entirety by Wednesday, July 1st. We are hoping that the new design will be easier to navigate, bring new features to the casual Needham Channel viewer, and bring in a new audiences for all things Needham. We have been working hard to ramp up the presence of the Needham Channel online, as it is a vital way to serve today’s community. We thank you for your patience during this upgrade of service, and for your continued use of the Needham Channel. We hope you visit again soon!