July 22, 2024

The Needham Channel

Your Town…Your Neighbors…Your Television!

Needham Select Board, 10/13/20

The Needham Select Board met on October 13th at 6pm. We carried live coverage on our Municipal Channel, HD Channel and streamed it online. There were a couple of public hearings, including one on the cable television licenses which affect the Needham Channel. This meeting is currently available for viewing in the window below:


1. Introduce Emergency Management Administrator
2. Public Hearing: Eversource Energy Grant of Location
• Country Way
• Stockdale Road
3. Needham Cable Television Public Joint Ascertainment Hearing – RCN, VERIZON and COMCAST
4. Public Hearing: Small Cell Wireless Facility Policy
5. KENO Hearings: 7-Eleven 32044 and 32485
6. Director of Public Works: Traffic Markings
7. Town Manager:
• COVID Update
• Town Manager’s Report
8. Board Discussions:
• Special Town Meeting Recap
• Committee Reports

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