May 29, 2024

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Needham Select Board, 12/20/22

The Needham Select Board met on Tuesday with an agenda stocked full of items that could change the shape of Needham in the years to come. It started with a look at whether or not Needham should finally establish its own Historical District, and the implications that might have. The board went on to discuss a study of the town’s transportation needs and infrastructure. They also continued to look at various aspects of the town budget, including a long term look at the building and facilities being run by the town and how we hope to pay for keeping those sites up-to-date. The full meeting is available for viewing on this site in the window below:


1) Public Comment Period

2) Historical District Designation

3) Transportation Planning Proposal

4) Town Manager:

• Appointment Protocol

• Retirement COLA Recommendation
• ARPA Update
• FY’2024 Budget Priorities
• FY’2024 -FY’2028 Capital Improvement Plan
• Facility Financing Plan Update
• Town Manager Report

5) Board Discussion:
• Committee Reports

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